HTF Cover

Happy Tree
Still Alive

The Happy Tree Friends Still Alive Pack contains the following items:

  • 5 Downloadable New Happy Tree Friends Episodes
  • 5 Downloadable Background Design Videos
  • 5 Downloadable Original Episode Storyboards
  • 1 Downloadable Animation Process Video
  • 1 Downloadable Writer's Session Video
  • 5 DRM-Free Downloads for each file per purchase
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Frequently asked questions.

Wuuut the heck? New Happy Tree Friends episodes???

Yup, there are 5, hot off the grill episodes of Happy Tree Friends! We're making the internet grate (pun intended) again! Get 'em while they're sizzling!

Wait a minute, you want me to pay for these episodes?

Unfortunately, it cost money to make these shows (who knew people liked to eat?). The reason we haven't been able to make new episodes in a while is because there has been no budget for it. We all love the show and have been trying to think of new ways to make more episodes. Our hope is that those of you who have a few extra dollars to spare can kick in to help us pay for the show so, we can parlay that into even more episodes after this batch. So on and so fourth.

Why not Kickstarter or crowd-funding?

It's a good idea but we didn't want to hold the episodes hostage, so to speak. We wanted to make sure that new episodes get made first and foremost. The real question is whether we'll have to wait a few more years for more episodes or if the support from our generous, benevolent, caring fans (too much?) will allow us to keep cranking more out-- sooner rather than later.

This is a load of Lumpy! I've never had to pay for Happy Tree Friends and I'm not gonna start now!

Believe us, we get it. We've made hundreds of episodes out for anyone to watch for FREE all these years. If we could continue doing it that way, we'd have done it already. All we ask is that if you love the show and can chip in, it would really go along way. However, we understand that not everyone can pay so, we will be releasing the episodes for free at a future date. Either way, it's a win-win-win for everyone!

Fine. What do I get if I give you money?

Weeeeell, step right up! We have an amazing line-up for your hard-earned cash:

  • · Digital downloads of all 5 brand NEW never-before-seen by human eyes (Martians don't count) episodes of Happy Tree Friends! That's what you came here for, after all.
  • · Storyboards and thumbnails for all 5 episodes.
  • · Videos of background designs for all the episodes.
  • · Behind-the-scenes footage of some of the writing sessions.
  • · Pictures of the crew and process.