Official Sneak Peek: By The Seat Of Your Pants

Published on March 15, 2013 39 Comments

It’s been a while since we’ve had one of these “Sneak Peeks!” We’d like to tell you that the HTF crew has been on a much deserved break from dealing with blood and guts but really, they got captured by pirates and was brought to the South Pacific where they were pressed into a secret, underground fighting ring. Needless to say, their careers in man-on-man fighting didn’t last long. We’re still trying to find Warren Graff’s left pinky toe; Ken Pontac’s hearing hasn’t been the same since he took that blow up-side his head and Kenn Navarro breaks down and cries uncontrollably when he hears the sound of a bell. Fret not though, everyone’s safely returned home (sans toe and sanity) and is back into production to bring you the latest episode, “By The Seat Of Your Pants.”

Well, this looks cozy. Looks like Flippy and Lumpy are kickin’ it, watching some TV and eating cheese. What could possibly go wrong in this happy setting?

What’s Lumpy doing to that trailer? It looks like some weird stuff went down with the writers while they were in captivity. Hopefully, doing these episodes will be therapeutic for them… or it just might bring all the nightmares back making them relive all the worst parts over again. Either way, we should get a good show out of it!

Fan service for Russell and Cro-Marmot aficionados? Why do some of the characters wear clothes while others run around naked?

Ok, now for the interactive part of the Sneak Peek; chime in with your comments and let’s hear what you think is going to happen in this episode and what possible disasters will befall our beloved characters. You can say “I told you so” if your predictions come true and you will win the respect and honor of everyone on the internet.

Ha! That was a trick statement. There is no respect and honor to be found on the internet! Fooled you!

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