Truffles Video Bomb Contest FAQ: Your Questions Answered!

Published on July 22, 2013 42 Comments
Hey folks! We love the response we've been getting from the "Truffles Video Bomb" contest and we want to take a minute to address some questions that you guys have been asking.

Q: How will the winner be incorporated into the show?

The Character that wins the competition will make a cameo appearance in an upcoming episode, much like how Truffles shows up in the series.

Q: Can I submit multiple characters?

Absolutely! You can submit as many of characters you want, but each character is only allowed one submission only. Any duplicate posts for a single character will be removed

Q: Hey! My post is gone! Whats up with that?

We will only delete posts if:
... The character was stolen from another artist without consent
... it's a copyrighted character or pre-existing Happy Tree Friends character
... the post is a duplicate (one post per character)
... the post contains offensive or inappropriate material
... the post does not contain a character at all
... if the image file is broken. Re-submission is required

Q: That person is using stolen art! What do I do?

If your art or someone else's art has been stolen and submitted to the contest without permission, you can email Be sure to include supporting evidence. Both parties will be contacted in order to resolve the dispute.

Q: Unicornius is in first place?!?! That's so unfair!! OMGWTFBBQ!!!!

We've heard a lot of complaints about “Unicornius.” Oliver has every right to participate in the contest and hasn't broken any rules of the competition and thus will remain in the contest. That being said, we encourage you all to rally together and overthrow him! Get out there and share the contest with your friends try to beat Oliver!

However, if Unicornius (or any other Mondo affiliated person) does get the most votes, we'll consider the first runner-up the true winner! His/her character will also make it into the show, forever etched in infamy!

Got a question that hasn't been answered yet? Send an email to and we'll answer it as soon as possible.

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