My Top 5 Favorite Mondo Videos!

Published on October 19, 2012 2 Comments

Mondo has a HUGE library of videos in its archive, so one day I thought to myself;

“Warren, which are your favorites?”

“I LOVE the Happy Tree Friends videos!” I said.

“Besides those you idiot,” I snapped.

“You don’t have to be mean,” I said holding back tears.

I haven’t talked to myself since, but I did come up with my top 5 Mondo Videos. They are in no particular order just because I don’t like to make that kind of commitment.

1. Turbo Fantasy – Random Punch

Turbo Fantasy – Random Punch

This was the first episode of Turbo Fantasy that I saw, and I was immediately hooked. I think it’s perfect! The humor is smart, the designs are original, and the acting is great! I know a lot of people hate this show because they think the opposite of everything I just said. The fact is those people are wrong, just flat out wrong. They may be right about a lot of things in life, but about this they are wrong. It takes a lot of thought to be THAT cheesy. Turbo Fantasy in general reminds me of the great British show, “Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace”. If you don’t know it, do yourself a favor and Google it. This episode, Random Punch, does everything perfectly.

2. Gundarr – Octagon of Life

Gundarr – Octagon of Life

There are actually a lot of Gundarr episodes that I love, and this one has some GREAT gags. The stuffed wizards, the “OMG Hot babe!”, and most of Todds lines, but the best thing is the montage. The song alone is worth the price of admission. Also, I laugh at the gag following the montage EVERY TIME! It always gets me. It’s brilliant!

3. Dick Figures – Kung Fu Winners

Dick Figures – Kung Fu Winners

I think we can all agree that Dick Figures is a great show, and you could make a list of ONLY their episodes. I decided to only pick one, and I went with Kung Fu Winners because of two reasons. A) Its hilarious…maybe not the funniest, but it’s hilarious. 2) The action in it is EPIC! The choreography is amazing and hypnotic. I love the little added gags in it too. The prehensile mustache, using Blue as a shield, it’s all awesome.

4. Deep Space 69 – The Crotch Hugger

Deep Space 69 – The Crotch Hugger

I love this show, but sadly, there are only a few episodes. I went with The Crotch Hugger mainly on the strength of the crotch huger. Basically, his reactions to the crotch hugger hugging his crotch is awesome. I’m giggling the whole time. Also, I love this episode because it allows me to say “crotch hugger” numerous times without seeming creepy or weird.

5. Raised By Zombies – Pilot

Raised By Zombies – Pilot

I love zombies. I especially love zombies when they are the back drop to a touching tale about animals helping an innocent little girl survive. This episode has a lot of heart and soul, and I find it captivating. Not to mention the fact that the music is great! I could listen to that song all day…although I probably shouldn’t because by the end of the day I’d probably hate it. The creator, Guy J. Collins hides a lot of references to Reddit and memes in his animations (two things I love), and this one is no different. It also has a lot of classic zombie references which are fun to spot. I’ve watched this many times and always find something new.

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