Sneak Peek: No Time Like the Present

Published on December 04, 2012 22 Comments
We were going to post this later this week but you know what they say? There’s no time like the gift! Hmm… that doesn’t quite sound right. But since we’re talking about gifts we’re here to give you one in the form of a Sneak Peek for the latest Happy Tree Friends episode! You can chose to wait and open it later, but where’s the fun in that?

Ooo! Looks like a chilly, winter wonderland! That’s a finely crafted tree-house. I wonder who lives there? It does make me want to have a cup of hot chocolate. Mmmm…

Either Santa turned blue from the cold or that’s Lumpy leaving a present for somebody. Or is he taking a present? Why is it so dark? Maybe, there’s hot chocolate inside the present! Yay!

Everyone loves Handy! He’s looking pretty dapper in his winter construction hat. Or is that his regular hat? It’s hard to tell unless you turn it over and see if there’s a mistletoe inside it. By the way, a holiday health tip for everyone: don’t ever dip mistletoe in your hot chocolate! Take it from us, it won’t end well. It is rather a quick way to get to the hospital though so, there’s that.

Exciting! Grab a hot chocolate and a warm blanket ‘cause the HTF Holiday episode will be out soon enough! Maybe, wait on the hot chocolate unless, you like cold chocolate. Well, I guess you can have a hot chocolate now then again when the episode comes out… you know what? We’ll let you handle the details and just get ready now ‘cause, there’s no time like the present. Aha! That’s what it was! That title totally makes sense now…

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